Health and well-being

technological production

We are a company dedicated to high yield crops production, oriented in active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), and natural compounds extraction...

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Most favorable conditions

implementation areas

Our areas of implementation are selected in order to maximize the high yield conditions, as is the case of the project in Vegas del Guadiana de Badajoz...

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Welcome to Extremaplant

Extremaplant S.L. is a technological company designed for the production of high yield crops, oriented to API and natural compounds new generation extraction.

Destined to supply raw material with great added value in the pharmaceutical, dermocosmetic and nutraceutical sector.

Using the most advanced technology to guarantee a phytopharmaceutical quality production for its customers, obtained from selected seeds supplied by certified companies, which allows to guarantee product traceability.

Belonging to a business holding with an outstanding solvency ratio and proved technical capacity from more than three decades in under cover agriculture.

Solvency and creditable technical capacity of more than three decades in agriculture under cover [...]

Our project

Extremaplant aims to develop production and cultivation of medicinal plants under greenhouse industrial project in Spain.

For this purpose, Extremaplant will have production farms chosen for their agronomic potential and environmental conditions in Extremadura.

Our selected technology will provide latest advances in LED lighting for cultivation in our facilities, as well as sophisticated safety and quality systems that allow to offer a product with the highest guarantees in the market.

Currently, the investment is in the initial phase for authorization by the AEMS.



Selected farms in Extremadura


Estimated in € 8,000,000 approximately


Total in greenhouses: 100,000 m2


90 people by direct contract

Extremaplant potential factors to develop this activity area:

  • More than 35 years of experience in the production of healthy foods for human consumption.
  • Management of the latest technology in greenhouse production.
  • Internetional reference phytomedical expert advisors support.
  • Knowledge and presence in international markets.
  • International Alliance, for the supply of productive genetics, with companies specialized in the cultivation of medicinal plants and authorized for the supply of seeds and cuttings destined for industrial production.
  • Multidisciplinary team specialized in management, project development and production facilities implementation.

The project aims to position the company among the leaders in raw material production sector for specialized health products market, complying with the most exhaustive quality controls.

The main objective is the production and marketing of cannabis for medicinal use, in a greenhouse controlled production environment, making use of the best available techniques that provide the differential and competitive factor.

In its first phase this activity is designed for its implementation in Extremadura, supported by a team of professionals with experience in the controlled cultivation under greenhouse sector, which has become a benchmark nationwide.

The project integral design is based on the state-of-the-art technological investments that allow a maximum control over the crop vegetative growth, production increase and guarantee the quality standards required by the international client.

  • Humidity and temperature monitoring and automation with implementation of industry 4.0 models.
  • Thermal and shading screens installation in order to obtain a total control of natural irradiation.
  • Hydroponic irrigation system for the optimization of water use and fertigation.
  • Use of artificial light with LED and SON-T technology to force the cycle and growth of plants, optimizing as well energy consumption.
  • Heating system by reusing thermal energy from cogeneration processes.
Team of professionals in the greenhouse controlled crop sector, at national benchmark performance levels. [...]

Implementation zones

Our areas of implementation are selected due to their favorable conditions, as is the case of the project Vegas del Guadiana from Badajoz.

In order to fulfil this we take into account many factors, which include:



Very favorable sun hours for the activity



Abundant and quality water resources



With an outstanding annual hour duration



Places where bet on renewable energy



Specialized agricultural sector, with enough impact on GDP

Smart Agrifood

Smart Agrifood

Productive environment with the latest advances in agriculture



Availability of skilled labor in the sector

Areas of implantation carefully selected for their agronomic potential and environmental conditions. [...]

News & events

We use the most advanced technology in order to guarantee to our customers a phytopharmaceutical quality production. [...]

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